The LS IE5 Inverter

It is produced in two voltage ranges

Single-phase input 200 ~ 230 volts and power 0.1 to 0.4 kW (will enter the Iranian market)
Three-phase input 200 ~ 230 volts and power 0.


 Packaging machines, sewing machines, etc.

Technical Specifications of the LS IE5 Inverter

 V / F control mode
 Includes a PI control system to control oil level, temperature, and process pressure
 Ability to adjust the frequency using analog voltage and flow signal, volume installed on the inverter, and a digital method using a loader
Ability to set up the drive using the loader, terminal and network port
Ability to monitor and parameterize the inverter by PC or computer through software (Drive View)
Output frequency 0 to 200 Hz
Carrier frequency 1 to 10 kHz
IP20 protection class

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