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Pars Khorshid Industrial Group was established on the first day of the last month of fall 2014. On that day, we gathered as an efficient team to turn Pars Khorshid into a successful and reliable center in the field of supplying raw materials and industrial equipment for industries such as the steel industry, the rubber industry, etc.

Our main concern is to improve the quality of industrial products by providing high-quality raw materials and equipment by international standards. So far, we have been successful in doing so, with the help of professional human resources and after-sales service.

We attempt to facilitate customer affairs in the Pars Khorshid Industrial Group. Our goal is not to just sell more products. Pars Khorshid builds mutual relationships with its customers, relationships that are based on honesty, trust, maintaining human dignity, and satisfaction.

Our greatest assets are the customers and human resources working in Pars Khorshid. In addition to providing high-quality industrial services and products, increasing the knowledge and awareness of industry activists as our social responsibility is of high importance to us.

Covering domestic and foreign news, translating and writing scientific articles, and reviewing human resource strategies related to corporate culture are some of the measures being implemented in this regard.

We are proud to announce that our customers know the Pars Khorshid Industrial Group to be a reputable and credible company with an impeccable record.

We have always attempted to optimize the quality, delivery time, and price of products at Pars Khorshid, and we have always strived to look at the world of the industry through the eyes of customers. All this has led us and our customers to reach a mutual understanding and build a relationship beyond that of a supplier and buyer.

The image we have created of Pars Khorshid in the mind of our customers has turned us into a leading brand in the field of supplying raw materials needed by the craftsmen.

The route followed by Pars Khorshid is constructed through adherence to the values presented below. This route leads to the summit upon which Pars Khorshid stands as the most specialized and reliable consulting reference in the field of supplying raw materials and industrial equipment.



Our Values:

  • Improving efficiency

  • Studying and employing modern technologies and solutions

  • Operating modern systems of management

  • Optimizing corporate culture

  • Regarding human resources as the greatest assets of the organization

  • Employing efficient, knowledgeable, and professional human resources

  • Evaluating the needs of the domestic market

  • Benefiting from valuable past experiences

  • Providing after-sales services

  • Increasing the knowledge and awareness of industry activists

  • Building a long-lasting relationship with the customers based on trust and honesty


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