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Iran Khorram Dairy Packing Company

The Iran Khorran Dairy Packing limited-liability company was established in 1979. Its products include packaged butter, and it is currently producing butter in different weights of 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, and 250 grams.

The company is built on a land with an area of about 5000 square meters and 3705 square meters of building infrastructure, which includes production halls and refrigerators, laboratories, and office departments.

The company aims to have increasing progress in the foreign and domestic markets. In order to do so, the company strives to employ specialized staff, use appropriate technical knowledge and machines to produce a variety of products with standard quality to satisfy customers. Their slogan is "Quality is our Commitment" to guarantee product quality.




Jaamriz Engineering Company

With more than two decades of continuous and dynamic activity, the Jaamriz Engineering Company, which was established in 1994, is now known as one of the top belt-producing companies in the country. The management board of the complex has always tried to be systematically and dynamically involved in the development of the country's industrial infrastructure, and they rely on the knowledge and experience of their human resources to achieve goals such as the development of industrialization and modern rubber technologies.




Hooman Tejarat Mandegar Company

The Hooman Tejarat Mandegar Company operates by employing experienced and specialized personnel in the field of trade and technical consulting of chemicals. The company started its professional activity in 2019, and it currently has the exclusive agency of several European and Asian companies. From the perspective of this company, the customer is always considered as the most important element of the organization, so the company always puts all its efforts to respond quickly to the requests, improve quality and variety in the portfolio of needed products and services. The company is ready to provide the best services to its dear customers by taking advantage of its scientific and commercial capabilities.




Jame Afarin Company

Jame Afarin Company has been operating since 2021. This trading company is active in the field of import and export of ferroalloys, rubber additives, natural rubber, etc.

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